About Agnes


I’m a wife and mum to four beautiful humans, the most important job in my life. I became a sickle cell advocate after our daughter was diagnosed with sickle cell anaemia at the age of 14 months old.

Like most parents in today’s world we did not know that we carry the sickle cell trait. And so I have dedicated my life to raising awareness about sickle cell disease and sickle cell trait.

I have empowered myself to reach as many people as possible for them to know about their sickle cell status.  

agnes nsofwa
agnes nsofwa

Career Background

I worked in the Taxation Office as an Auditor for about 10 years before migrating to Australia. In Australia, I worked in the two of the big four banks before deciding to change careers to Nursing.

I’m a Registered Nurse working in the Department of Health as well as Running a Business looking after people in their own homes. I hold a Bachelor of Business, Diploma in Accounting and a Master of Nursing. 

My Interests

I love people, genuinely, what you see is me 100%.  I love to dance soo much :), I love telling stories, I love watching TV, mostly real life shows. I enjoy  things like the documentaries, the news, and If I watch a movie or TV series, it has to be a drama series. I only watch things that are close to real life.

Most importantly, I love helping those that are less fortunate than myself.

My hope is to one day build a Sickle Cell Clinic in my home country Zambia, because I have seen just how issues with health access has affected sickle cell warriors in Zambia. I strongly believe this will happen one day. Watch this space.

My Passion!

There is power in numbers, I strongly believe if the sickle cell community came together to change the face of sickle cell globally we can. Join me and millions to achieve this dream. Let's make sickle cell famous!