I have this excitement in me, and I just want to share it with all the fabulous women out there.

What if Women came together from different parts of the world and shared their everyday life stories? Often times when we are going through something, be it good or bad, we think that we are the only ones in that position. Had it ever occurred to you to ask a stranger if they had gone through something and acted exactly the same or something similar?

Well in this initiative, I’m bringing ordinary women like myself to share our experiences in a series of books. The Hard-Working and Determined Book Series is a collection of books tackling real-life issues faced by millions of women around the world.

The first book is a collection of stories from Women who have Built Their Houses at Their Own Pace.

What can we learn from these resilient women? How can they inspire and empower other women to follow in their footsteps? Follow the lives of 20 women giving hints on how you can also build that house. I have done it with the sickle cell community to bring sickle cell stories alive.

I can’t wait to connect with you fabulous one!

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