Blood is an important component in a human being as it serves a lot of purpose in a person’s body. Blood circulates through the body to deliver important Substances like oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body. Without blood, the body organs such as the brain, heart, lungs and kidneys can’t get the nutrients and oxygen they may need to functions and this can be fatal.

Donating blood saves many lives and improves many people’s health especially those living with chronic illnesses which affects their blood. Studies show that that just in the US, every two seconds someone needs blood in order to survive, making blood transfusion vital to one’s survive. One blood donation could save up to three lives.

January is National Blood Donor Month and June 14th is World Blood Donor Day. These two months are dedicated to raising Global awareness on the importance of Blood donation, Blood transfusion and the need for safe Blood. These occasions also provides an opportunity to urge the governments and health systems to provide adequate resources and facilities needed to increase blood donation, collections and storing for safe blood transfusion. Taking about why Blood Donations are needed and how Blood is used in schools, communities and hospitals can save lives. Awareness can be raised through the help of posters, Television adverts and social media. When more people talk about blood donation, transfusions, the benefits of it, the facts and the myths people have when it comes to Blood, it will encourage people to donate Blood.


The most common complication that a lot of sickle cell patients face is anemia, this is because the lifespan of Red blood cells in people living with sickle cell is 10-20 days compared to people without sickle cell which is 120 days therefore Blood transfusion is a key treatment to treating anemia and other sickle cell complications like Strokes, Acute Chest Syndrome and Ulcers. Regular Blood transfusion and Blood exchange help a lot of sickle cell patients to prevent crisis, stroke and supports surgical procedures.

According to the Red Cross society, there is currently a national blood shortage especially now during the Covid pandemic. This has put a lot of warrior’s well-being at risk, warriors across the world are having difficulties in getting blood transfusion. A Doctor who is a sickle cell warrior in Zambia Africa had to use her Facebook page “Dr.Musonda Mwilwa” to ask people to donate blood as she needed it to save her life and In America warriors are being to get one pint of blood and some are being refused, sent back if their hemoglobin is not below 7 because of the shortages and a mother to a young warrior in South Carolina narrates that “her son’s treatment includes routine blood transfusion but due to the shortages, he had to wait for three days to receive a transfusion, the longest he’s ever had to wait.”.

In some countries due to the shortages of blood donors warriors only found blood after sending out a call out and that’s when people go and donate. This is as hard as the lives of warriors hung on a thread and when the blood is found it is sometimes too late.

Blood donations from individuals of the some ethnic group and blood type is less likely to be rejected by people who have frequent blood transfusions especially in people of African origin. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough blood donors to cater for the need, according to the American Red cross African American make up to 13% of the US population but only less than 3% donate blood. African Americans make up a small percentage of people who frequently donate blood but it’s them that sickle cell warriors need the most. This just shows that there is need for blood donation awareness to encourage more people of the same ethnicity to donate blood and save lives.

Every two seconds one needs blood, therefore blood donation is cardinal as it saves a lot of lives be it accident victims, pregnant women or chronically ill patients. According the World Health Organization, “blood is the most precious gift that one can give to another person-the gift of life. A decision to donate your blood can save a life.” No one expects to need blood, but everyone is grateful when it’s available especially sickle cell warriors. Donate today to ensure a steady availability of blood for patients in your communities.

The following are some of the organisations that work hard in ensuring and call on people to donate blood.

USA-the American Red Cross, American Blood Centers, Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.

ZAMBIA-Zambia National Blood Transfusion Services.

AUSTRALIA-Australian Red Cross Lifeblood.

INDIA-Indian Red Cross Society, Sankal India Foundation, Ather Blood Bank.

UK-NHS Blood Donation.

NIGERIA-National Blood Transfusion Services.

SOUTH AFRICA-South Africa National Blood Services.

OMAN-Department of Blood Bank Service.